12 Healthy Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day She Won’t Forget

Mother’s Day
12 Healthy Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day She Won’t Forget
What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than to keep Mom healthy for years to come?!
The best part is, you don’t have to spend a lot to show her you love her. 
After all, a little love goes a long way, whether it’s a heartfelt note, a home-cooked meal, or a little family getaway. 
Keep reading for more healthy ways to celebrate Mother’s Day!

1. Cook a Healthy Home-Cooked Meal for Momma Bear

There’s a big chance that your mom cooked many meals for you in the past.
This is a great opportunity for you to give that love and care back to your mom by preparing her very own home-cooked meal.
You can finally give that new recipe a shot that you’ve been dying to try!
On the other hand, you could make an old family classic and add your own healthy twist.
Be prepared… she might try to step in and help you cook. After all, it’s still mom we’re talking about here!
While it is a good idea to let her be pampered today, keep in mind that doing activities together is also a fun bonding experience.

2. Plan a Getaway

When was the last time you went on a weekend getaway with your mom?
Go and check out that little tourist town a few hours away that your mom always talks about.
This one will take a bit more effort to schedule, but keep in mind that you can always schedule it for another weekend in the not-so-distant future.
Grab tickets for that Broadway show in New York that your mom has always wanted to see!
Simply give her the tickets or make your own self-made voucher and let her choose the dates that work best.
Spending some quality time with your family is key to living a healthy and happy life! (1)

3. Take a Class Together

Learning a new skill or hobby is a great way to connect, so why not make a Mother’s Day out of it?
Have a look at what local classes and you’ll be surprised by how many there are!
Painting classes are always a blast, but so are cooking classes, jewelry making, or that new workout class she’s been eyeing.
Who knows, maybe it will turn into a new hobby that you can both enjoy doing together year after year. 
But even if it’s just a great one-time experience, you’ll still have great memories to laugh about for years to come!

4. Plan a Nice Get Together with Friends

How about making a fantastic dinner party for your mom and her best friends?
Moms are always very busy, and even quality time with friends will get scarce at times!
It’s a fantastic opportunity to catch up with the people she hasn’t been able to see in a while!
Brunches are fabulous, but dinners are great too—whatever you think your mom will enjoy more.
Also, it’s a great way to thank your mom’s inner circle for supporting her, especially if they’ve had a positive impact on your life as well!
If you want to take everyone out for brunch or dinner, remember to make reservations early, especially if you’re looking to go on Mother’s Day itself. 
You should book this special day at least a few days in advance.

5. Go for a Pamper Day

There’s nothing better than a full-on pamper package at the spa!
Being a mother is a demanding task and a full-time job.
Amidst the stress of a busy life, Mother’s Day can be the perfect time for you to relax and unwind.
Choose whatever each of you like: a massage, the classic mani-pedi, or a mud bath are all divine.
The two of you deserve some relaxing time to catch up. 
If you do it right, Mother’s Day can do wonders for your mom’s physical and mental health.

6. Surprise Your Mother

Do you live in the same city as your mom?
If you don’t, tell her you can’t make it this year and surprise her instead!
She’ll be so happy to see you and that’s the best gift you could ever give a mother.
The effort, attention, and thoughtfulness behind this trip will make this Mother’s Day one to remember.

7. Do an Outdoor Activity Together

Is your mom a nature lover?
This can be anything from simply going swimming by the pool to something more adventurous like going to a tree climbing park.
Exercise is so important for both your physical and mental health. (2)
While some mothers may be more active than others, try to incorporate a little bit of exercise into your Mother’s Day gift.
After that, you can treat yourselves to a delicious, nutritious meal together!

8. Flowers Always Work

What mom doesn’t love a beautiful bouquet of flowers?
Once again a classic, but this time make it an upgrade…
Apart from the usual flowers, add some aromatherapy flowers as well. Some great options are jasmine or eucalyptus.
Aromatherapy is soothing and has a positive effect on mental health and stress. (3)
Talk to the florist and see what they can do to make your bouquet as memorable as possible. 
You’ll be surprised how many tricks these florists have up their sleeves! 
Or instead of simply buying her flowers, shop for plants together and make an activity out of it.
Strolling through a farmers market for some fresh greens while soaking up the spring sun is something that almost every mom loves!

9. Give Your Mom a Day Off

While folks without children still have the weekends off, moms are busy 24/7.
But we all need a day off every now and then.
That’s why giving your mom a full day off to do whatever she wants can be a great gift!
She might just want to sleep the entire day and binge on her favorite television series.
Best of all, did you know that proper rest and recovery are linked to better family relationships? (4)
While she’s relaxing, you can take care of chores like cleaning the house, grocery shopping, or some overdue gardening!
Then at the end of the day, you can spend some quality time together when she’s feeling refreshed.

10. Family Daycation

To most moms, family is and always will be the most important thing in their lives.
For starters, plan a family daycation to a local park and enjoy a picnic together.
Of course, let the rest of the family help out in preparing for the day so that your mom just gets to enjoy it.
You can plan this together with your mom or even surprise her. It’s totally up to you!

11. The Best Gifts are Homemade

Moms love homemade gifts. After all, they’re as special and unique as her lovely children!
You can make anything, from a small card to a painting of your favorite memory together.
If you have a knack for music, you can even write her a song and record it so she’ll always be able to listen to it.
Whatever it may be, simply be creative and let your love shine through.

12. Classic Pen and Paper

You don’t have to be the next Shakespeare to impress your mom and make her heart melt.
Write her a beautiful letter, thank her for everything that she has done for you and let her know how much you love her.
Sprinkle some nostalgia in there, like some nice childhood memories or a quote from your favorite movie.
Hopefully, these tips will help you make this Mother’s Day a special one!
If you have any more questions about healthy ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, drop us a line at Complete Care Health Centers.
We will answer any inquiries you have as soon as we can.
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