Memorial Day BBQ: Outdoor Entertaining Ideas to Stay Healthy

Memorial Day BBQ: Outdoor Entertaining Ideas to Stay Healthy

Although summer doesn’t officially start until June 21st, many people consider Memorial Day weekend to be the unofficial beginning of summer. According to Harvard Health, getting outside can drastically improve your mood, help your concentration, and can even help your body heal injuries faster. Take this long weekend and entertain guests outdoors or go to a BBQ or picnic! You can have a great BBQ or picnic without breaking your diet. Here’s some tips to have a great, healthy weekend:

Remember to Eat Healthy: 

BBQs and summer potlucks don’t always yield the healthiest foods. A lot of times these parties are filled with salads with refined and processed carbohydrates such as potato and macaroni salads, unhealthy desserts and BBQ sauces loaded with sugar. Avoid these foods by choosing a BBQ sauce with no sugar or inflammatory ingredients or by making your own. Don’t add those fatty salads to your plate; instead bring a salad like this tri-colored salad that is packed with vegetables and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Follow the balanced protein guide and choose only foods that you know are healthy. If you are hosting the BBQ, tell your guests exactly what to bring if they want to contribute. Tell them to bring fruit, green salads, decaffeinated tea or even chocolate covered walnuts for dessert, and you can make sure all the pot luck items will be healthy.

Outdoor Activities:

If you’re having a get-together outdoors, set up activities that allow you to move around outside! Are there kids at the event?  Fun games like a water balloon or egg toss are always a hit. If it is more of an adult party, think bocce ball or croquet. Either way, you’ll be getting outside and staying active – and burning some calories while you’re enjoying the outdoors this Memorial Day.

Stay Hydrated:

Although a lot of people might associate BBQs with alcoholic drinks, avoid these as they can be loaded with sugars and inflammatory ingredients. Instead, we suggest making slushies or infused water. As we perspire more, it becomes even more important to stay hydrated and alcoholic drinks actually dehydrate you. Swap out the unhealthy beer for a refreshing, hydrating option instead.

Wear Zinc Oxide Based Sunscreen:

Don’t forget your sunscreen this year! Remember to buy sunscreen that is mineral based. Choose a zinc oxide based sunscreen for your family this summer to avoid nasty chemicals that can be absorbed through your skin. Don’t forget to reapply every 4 hours, as well, in order to be fully protected from the sun.

Most importantly, have fun during this holiday weekend and get outside!

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