Best Supplement Storage Recommendations for Summer

Best Supplement Storage Recommendations for Summer

Are you destroying your supplements?
Unfortunately, chances are you’ve been storing them the wrong way.
To be fair though, you’ve probably gotten faulty information over the years.
After all, the “medicine cabinet” sounds like a great place to store supplements, right?
As it turns out, this is the worst possible place.
In this article, we cover the best places to store supplements in the summer.
Without further ado, let’s dig in!

What Is The Best Environment For Storing Supplements?

Most supplements are best stored in a dry, room-temperature environment.
This is because the two biggest enemies of supplements are moisture and changes in temperature.

Conditions That Destroy Your Supplements

In addition to moisture and temperature, oxygen and bacteria can destroy your supplements.
Let’s take a closer look at why these things are bad for supplements…

1. Moisture/Humidity

Moisture is bad for supplements, and it’s especially bad for water-soluble supplements.
For one, moisture reduces the potency of water-soluble vitamins like vitamin B and C. (​1​)
In fact, too much moisture can make them entirely useless.
Secondly, moist environments help bacteria grow.
Chewable vitamins are also more at risk because they absorb moisture easily.
But what if your supplement container has an airtight lid?
Won’t that keep the moisture out?
Unfortunately, no.
Humidity and moisture can still get in.
In fact, an airtight container might even make the problem worse.
Moisture can always get in when you open the container and then become trapped inside.
The best way to guard against moisture is to store them in room temperature and open them as little
as possible.

2. Temperature

Another rule for storing supplements is to avoid dramatic temperature changes.
This can be hard in the summer because it gets so warm in the day and colder at night.
When the temperatures change, humidity levels change too.
As a result, your supplements will trap more moisture inside the bottle.
Temperature extremes are also bad.
Extreme cold is less of an issue, but as the bottle warms back up condensation can form on the
Heat, on the other hand, presents its own problems.
A high enough temperature can melt any supplement.

3. Sunlight

Sunlight and heat are closely linked, and when the two combine they can spell trouble for
When sunlight hits the bottle, it can turn it into a miniature greenhouse.
As a result, moisture and temperature rises, and both are bad for supplements.

4. Oxygen

Oxygenation is a risk factor for organic supplements.
If your supplement comes from a plant or animal product, exposure to air can cause it to degrade
Fish oil supplements, for example, have huge issues with going rancid in the manufacturing process.

5. Bacteria

In general, bacteria is bad for supplements.
You want your supplements to be clean, after all.
A little bacteria in a dry, room-temperature environment shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but when
moisture joins the party bacteria can grow out of control.

Is The Bathroom A Good Place to Store Supplements?

Whoever put the medicine cabinet in the bathroom was ill-informed.
The moisture-rich conditions of the bathroom are terrible for supplements. (​3​)
Every time you steam up the bathroom, it degrades your vitamins.
Whatever you do, keep your supplements away from the heat and moisture of the bathroom.

Is The Kitchen A Good Place To Store Supplements?

The kitchen is definitely the most convenient place to store your supplements.
After all, it’s where you cook and eat, so it makes sense to keep them close by.
However, the kitchen heats up when you cook and cools down when you’re done.
Sadly, this takes it out of the running for the best places to store supplements.
At the very least, if you’re going to store them in the kitchen, keep them away from the stove.
On the same note, the back of the refrigerator gives off heat, so keep them away from there too.
Can you think of any other places that might be bad for supplements?
The dishwasher comes to mind as well.

Is The Refrigerator A Good Place For Supplements?

You might be tempted to put your supplements in the fridge.
In general though, there’s too much moisture in the fridge.
The only exceptions are products like fish oil and probiotics, which are more important to protect
from the heat than anything else.
On the flip side, water-soluble vitamins should stay out of the fridge no matter what.

Should You Sleep With Your Supplements?

Ironically, the safest place for supplements might be in the bedroom.
Bedrooms keep a steady temperature/humidity level, and both of these things are great for

Where Not To Store Your Supplements

Here’s a quick list of all the worst places to store your supplements.
In general, these places change temperature frequently and have more moisture, sunlight, and

● Medicine cabinet
● Bathroom
● Kitchen
● Top of the refrigerator
● Close to the microwave
● Near the stovetop/oven
● In the garage
● On the counter by a window (sunlight)
● Close to sinks and other water sources

Don’t Change Supplement Containers

No matter what you do, don’t change supplement containers.
Those little medicine organizers look convenient, but they expose your supplements to more oxygen.
Instead, keep them in their original container and open them as little as possible.

Storing Supplements For Summer Travel

Whether you’re car camping or backpacking, catching a plane or hitting the beach, you’ll want to
protect your supplements from the elements.
For one, moisture levels can be higher.
On a similar note, temperatures can fluctuate like crazy.
The best place for storing supplements when you travel is deep in the middle of your bag and
wrapped in clothes.
This will insulate them against, sunlight, heat, and moisture while letting them breathe.
You might be tempted to repack your supplements in a ziplock bag to save space, but try to resist.
Instead, keep them in their original containers to limit oxygen exposure.
If you have any further questions, our providers at Complete Care Health Centers are happy to help.
Feel free to contact us today for more supplement storage recommendations.

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