Breakfast: High Proteins = Low Body Fat

Breakfast: High Proteins = Low Body Fat

When we’re running late in the morning, many of us skip breakfast. Sometimes we have the time but there’s nothing tasty to eat or we just can’t be bothered.

Why do we do this?

Most of us know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After many hours without food, breakfast provides energy and nutrients to get our body systems back into ‘day mode’.

Breakfast helps to keep us at our best until lunch. People who eat breakfast are able to concentrate better on their tasks. They also tend to get less tired in mid-morning.

So, students – take note! Breakfast may help your studies.

Eating breakfast has also been associated with good weight control. For example, studies show that children who do not eat breakfast weigh significantly more than their peers who do. Also, people who eat breakfast appear to make better food choices throughout the day.

Now, breakfast has just gotten even MORE important thanks to breaking research from the University of Missouri Health System School of Medicine.

The researchers report that a high-protein breakfast

  • prevented gains of body fat
  • lowered the amount people ate during the day
  • reduced their feelings of hunger
  • kept their glucose levels stable

In this study, a ‘high protein’ breakfast meant 35 grams of protein. A ‘regular protein’ breakfast such as cereal and milk has about 13 grams of protein.

While many people would like to take advantage of these new findings, their morning is still the same – time is still in short supply, there isn’t always something tasty to eat, and sometimes they still can’t be bothered.

That’s why vanilla and chocolate flavored protein supplements are useful. Mixed with water or the liquid of your choice, protein supplements provide a healthful, quick, and tasty breakfast option.

So, shake it up, baby!

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