Mind Body Connection

Is the Connection Between Mind and Body the Secret to Health?

Over the last few decades, modern medicine has begun to embrace the connection between mind and body.  So could your emotions be making you sick? As it turns out, you’re more prone to getting sick when you’re feeling down. Believe it or not, stress from poverty and childhood trauma can damage white blood cells and […]

Relaxation techniques

8 Stress Relaxation Techniques for Lasting Happiness

If you don’t know how to chill out with relaxation techniques, you’re going to burn out…it’s inevitable. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to relax. Instead, we default to coping mechanisms like Netflix and social media.  Sadly, many of us are so wound up that true relaxation sounds like a far-off dream.  Fortunately, there are plenty […]

Effects of stress

Are the Effects of Stress Quietly Hurting Your Health?

The effects of stress don’t just weigh on the mind — they also damage the body.  In fact, studies show that stress is involved in 75-90 percent of human disease. (1)  How can stress affect your health in so many ways? As it turns out, it all comes down to hormones and inflammation. With that […]

Stress Signs and Symptoms

The Ultimate Guide to Effectively Managing Stress Signs and Symptoms

No matter what you do, stress signs and symptoms are impossible to avoid.  However, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Stress is how we grow stronger mentally, emotionally and physically.  With that said, some stress can actually increase the risk of disease.  That’s why it’s important to recognize harmful stress signs and symptoms early before […]


Discover New Energy with Mindfulness and Mitochondria

Mindfulness meditation can reduce stress, increase energy, and improve focus. But have you ever wondered how? It’s well-known that mindfulness can strengthen the brain, but according to emerging research, there’s also a strong link between mindfulness and mitochondria (the energy factories of your cells).  Exactly how mindfulness boosts mitochondria may surprise you, but more on […]

How to be less critical

How To Be Less Critical and Judgmental In 3 Simple Steps

So you want to be less critical and judgmental? Well, you’ve come to the right place. The truth is, people are judgmental because they’re insecure. In other words, being judgmental is a walking advertisement that you don’t feel good about yourself. Do you really want to share that with the world? Besides, what do you […]


How To Be Happy With Your Life In 3 Simple Steps

It’s official: Americans are unhappy. According to the World Happiness Report, “The years since 2010 have not been good ones for happiness and well-being among Americans.” (1) To make matters worse, the rates of self-harm and depression have jumped as well. Why are so many Americans unhappy? Researchers think that social media, obesity, and substance […]

Mindful Meditation

7 Health Benefits of Meditation

Thousands of truly successful people meditate. To start, Oprah mediates. Not to mention, Kobe Bryant, Arianna Huffington, and Paul McCartney all meditate, too! During moments of stress, like before a speech, they’re able to fill their minds with a sense of calm. Actually, all it takes is a few deep breaths. Sure, they’re trained professionals, […]

Self care

9 Self Care Practices + How Stress Is Destroying Your Quality of Life

Does it feel like you’re running on fumes, barely able to keep up? Or maybe you feel fine, but months and years go by without accomplishing your biggest goals? Deprogramming unhealthy habits can be hard, but if you want to live your best life, you’ll need to be proactive about self care. Here are the […]

How to Live Longer: 7 Secrets of Longevity and Lifestyle

How to Live Longer: 7 Secrets of Longevity and Lifestyle

We all grow old eventually, but what if you could follow a few simple rules to feel younger and live longer?   The average adult lifespan is only 77 years, but in certain pockets of the world, like the Mediterranean and Costa Rica, locals routinely live 100+ years.   Japan, for example, has the longest […]