Holidays and sugar

Finding a Healthy Balance Between the Holidays and Sugar

Holidays and sugar go hand-in-hand, so how the heck are you supposed to stay sugar-free this time of year? Don’t worry, this article has a few helpful tips.  Keep reading to find out more… Holidays and Sugar: Your Health Matters Eating too much sugar can lead to conditions like: Chronic inflammation Dental plaque and cavities […]

Sugar Addict

7 Signs You’re Addicted to Sugar and How to Cut Your Consumption Down

We’re all guilty of indulging in sweet treats now and then. But what happens when we take it too far? This article explains how you can become addicted to sugar and the signs to look out for. Let’s take a closer look… What Is Sugar Addiction? Sugar addiction is no joke.  In fact, studies show […]

Common signs of food addiction

7 Common Signs of Food Addiction: What To Look For

What happens when food becomes an addiction?  In this article, we explore how food can become as addictive as drugs and alcohol. (1) Keep reading to find out more… What Is Food Addiction? Food addiction is still very much a subject of debate.  The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) doesn’t recognise food […]

Thanksgiving and Diabetes

Enjoy a Holiday Meal with These 7 Tips for Thanksgiving and Diabetes

Mmmm…pumpkin pie, but what will your blood sugar think?  More than 100 million Americans have diabetes or prediabetes, and like the rest of the country, they’ll be sitting down to a Thanksgiving meal this holiday season. (1)  If you’re one of them, you’ll have a few rules to follow.  But don’t worry, you’ll still be […]

Reverse or Control Diabetes: Eating Really Does Make A Difference

Reverse or Control Diabetes: Eating Really Does Make A Difference

It’s the holiday season, which means an endless list of sugary temptations! Healthy choices around this time of year can be difficult, especially if you have diabetes. But don’t worry… This article explores the best foods to reverse or control diabetes, so you can enjoy the holiday season without feeling left out. Keep reading to […]

Sun exposure

Does Sun Exposure Brighten Your Life or Hurt Your Health?

It’s no secret that regular sun exposure is good for your health.  In fact, a recent study found that sunshine can prevent: Prostate cancer Breast cancer Colon cancer Hypertension Diabetes Anxiety and depression It also supports immunity, sleep, and brain function. (1) However, too much sun, especially early in life, can increase the risk of […]

Why Emotional Health Is Your Key to Better Physical Health

Why Emotional Health Is Your Key to Better Physical Health

Studies show that over 80 percent of all doctors’ visits involve some sort of social-emotional problem. (1) As it turns out, we’re emotional beings! Your emotional health is closely linked to your physical health and vice versa. When you’re stressed, hormone levels change, but that’s not all... In the short run, this can negatively affect [...]

Sick No More! Boost Your Immune System with Nutrition

If you were wondering how to boost immunity with nutrition, you’ve come to the right place.   Every second, you’re exposed to organisms that can cause disease.  Whether or not you stay healthy depends on the strength of your immune system.  Fortunately, proper nutrition can keep you from getting sick.  Here’s how to strengthen the immune […]

health benefits of sex

Why Sex Is Good for Your Health: 14 Health Benefits of Sex

Sex is a natural part of a healthy, vibrant life.  After all, if it wasn’t for a strong sex drive, none of us would even be here.  When it comes down to it, sexual pleasure is hardwired into the brain.  But sex doesn’t stop there… It’s also essential to overall health and longevity.  In this […]

Mind-body connection

Creating a Healthier Mind and Healthier Body Connection

Creating a healthier mind and healthier body connection isn’t just a bunch of new-age jargon.  Believe it or not, what you think and how you feel has a direct impact on your physical health, and vice versa.  As a matter of fact, your thoughts even affect how your body handles infection and disease.  Researchers are […]

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