Hypothyroidism: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Are you tired of being tired? That sluggish feeling that’s been following you around for the last few years may actually be a symptom of thyroid deficiency. Chronic fatigue doesn’t have to be a natural part of aging, neither does brain fog, muscle weakness, or weight gain. All of these might be the result of […]

Hormonal Imbalance

8 Signs You May Have a Hormonal Imbalance – Men and Women

Feeling tired is normal. Feeling tired all the time isn’t. Chronic fatigue is just one of many signs that you may have a hormonal imbalance, but luckily there are plenty of natural ways to correct it with the foods you eat.   Other hormonal imbalance signs include depression, mood swings, and irregular periods for women. […]

Diabetes is on the rise by 90%

Diabetes is one of the nation’s most wide spread diseases. In 2015, it was the seventh leading cause of death in the United States. Sarah Roberson from Complete Care Centers says that “projections are astronomical in terms of where [the disease] is now and where it is going.” In fact, the Center for Disease Control […]


Do You Have Fatigue? It Could Be Your Thyroid

Is it hard to get through the day without a nap or an afternoon coffee? Do you find yourself crashing during the afternoon or early evening? Do you wish you had more energy for exercise or socializing? Everyone gets tired, but fatigue is not the result of overexertion and is not alleviated by sleep or […]

Avoid sugar because too much sugar could be making you sick

Avoid Sugar: Watch those Labels!

Has your doctor or health coach told you to avoid sugar? Many people seriously believe that they are not consuming a lot of sugar in their diet, but if you’re eating pre-packaged or processed foods, there’s a great chance that there are hidden sugars in those products. There’s even sugar hiding in your ketchup! That […]

Snacking on Sweet Potato Chips Is Not The Best Idea

Snacking And Weight-loss: Snack for Success

There seems to be a lot of discussion about snacking and if it is good for you. What exactly is the relationship between snacking and weight-loss? Expert Jill Weisenberger from Foodandnutrition.org says that “snacking may help control appetite, or it may contribute to recreational eating and excess calories. Research supports both opposing views.” Our answer is that […]

How to Change Your Mood: Turn Your Frown Upside Down

Have you ever tried to snap yourself out of a bad mood? It can be difficult, but we are here to give you some great techniques to change your mood. There is no denying the very strong “link between good mental health and good physical health”, as stated by Harvard University. Meaning, if someone has […]

Sub-Clinical Inflammation Lesson from “The Inflammation Doctor”

I am often asked how I got into helping people work towards reversing chronic health issues without the use of medications or surgery.  The simple answer, My mom. OUR STORY: When I was young, I didn’t have a mom due to her chronic disease. When my mom was in her 40s, she went from working full-time […]

Ginger Coleslaw

This version of coleslaw is a lighter version from your standard coleslaw.  It is a great combination of flavors especially good paired with BBQ food or a fish dish. Ginger Coleslaw Servings: 4 Ingredients: 4 Cups finely shredded Napa Cabbage ¼ Cup shredded Carrot 2 Scallions thinly sliced ¼ Cup pale, inner Celery stalk, thinly sliced […]

Memorial Day BBQ: Outdoor Entertaining Ideas to Stay Healthy

Although summer doesn’t officially start until June 21st, many people consider Memorial Day weekend to be the unofficial beginning of summer. According to Harvard Health, getting outside can drastically improve your mood, help your concentration, and can even help your body heal injuries faster. Take this long weekend and entertain guests outdoors or go to a BBQ […]

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