Do You Struggle To Act On What You Learn? Try This.

Do You Struggle To Act On What You Learn? Try This.

Recently I listened to a concern from someone getting started in my program. She said, “Dr. Gala, I’m leery of something not working, and feeling like another door has slammed closed.”

So I asked her what changes she has been making to be successful. Her response was that she had tried reducing plate size and portions, but not really much beyond that.

One of my frustrations is that people tend to believe that information equals implementation. My coach, Dan Sullivan, reminds me that there is not enough time in your life to learn how to do everything well. We have to rely on others to get some tasks done right. If we want a car, we have to rely on the manufacturers who know how. We couldn’t possibly read a book on how to build a car and make that happen in a timely manner, or even get it right on our own. Tiger Woods didn’t become a champion golfer because he read a book about it. Books and informative resources can be helpful in our learning process, but sometimes we need help beyond the stack of information accumulating on our shelves. We often need someone to help us put what we learn into action.

Who can help you with your goals? Maybe you have a friend, neighbor, or family member who can hold you accountable, learn with you, or offer guidance as you work to achieve your goals. It doesn’t always matter who – but, having an actual person alongside you will make you more successful in your follow through.

An example from my life is my running coach. I’ve been active in running most of my life, and even competed in the Iron Man. Not long ago, I realized my workouts were sporadic and decided I needed some help to focus, so I hired a running coach. As soon as I had a coach my outlook changed and so did my performance. A coach will make my tiny adjustments that lead to critical changes in outcome.

When you are driving on the freeway, you automatically and subconsciously make small adjustments in steering to stay on the road. That’s what a coach can do for you with your goals. You may have information and know a direction to go, but his/ her guidance is like having hands on the wheel keeping you on course. It doesn’t matter if you hire a professional coach, or ask someone in your life to “coach” you. What’s important is that you find a person to help you achieve the goals you set.

We help people get their health back through our coaching program. People constantly tell me how helpful our programs are because they have the resources to learn from, a coach to make it understandable, and support from others in the program to add a social component. They often tell me that they learn more in a few months from us, than they did spending years trying to learn on their own.

I hope one of your goals is your health. Without your health you can’t pursue what is most important to you like caring for your family, investing in your religion, or remain active in the fun of life. Don’t let poor health make you more of a liability than an asset. Get the help you need to keep your health on track, or regain the health you’ve lost. Rely on someone in your life to act as a coach or mentor for you. Think back to coaches you’ve had in your life from sports or teachers, and remember how they inspired you.

“I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” – Isaac Newton

I encourage you to find the support you need to accomplish your goals.

Here’s to making the rest of your years the best of your years.

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