Doctored: Don’t Watch This Movie!

Doctored: Don’t Watch This Movie!

Getting healthy is challenging, especially when you add the unnecessary confusion from the medical model we currently live in.

Recently, when he gave me his name badge, I had the opportunity to be a movie director for a day (kidding) when I met the high energy and now good friend Jeff Hays, director of the movie Doctored.

Jeff is a brilliant, high energy fun loving guy (as evidenced by his candid picture) who has spearheaded the medical model unveiling of some of the biggest flaws with our current “Sick Care” system.

See the trailer here.

Doctored is a serious no-holds barred candid look at where we are headed and what we can do to prevent major health care catastrophes. From medication abuse to suppressing natural cures, Jeff reveals some of the biggest myths and misconceptions about natural vs. traditional health care. Additionally, with expert interviews and comprehensive coverage, Jeff provides viewers with real practical steps and information people can begin using today to make life changes.

While action steps are important, understanding the traditional medical model is paramount so you you can start making changes when communicating with your current doctor about your true health goals. Many people believe they have to listen to their doctor and do not fully appreciate the power of second opinions or natural solutions.

Getting off medications, reversing disease and getting your life back can be a reality.

The AMA hopes you do not watch this movie. Do yourself and family a favor and watch it today! here.

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