Don’t Like to Exercise?

Don’t Like to Exercise?

Not melonie runningonly do people not like to exercise, it can be difficult or even painful when there is extra weight that is being carried around.  Jumping into an exercise regimen can by harmful to your health. Instead start with small wins. If you sit all day and it is difficult to walk, start by getting in and out of your chair 10x’s by going from sitting to standing every 4 hours. If you are able to walk, try walking at least 10min every day. If you can walk, work up to 10-20min of vigorous walking 3-5x’s a week. If you are able to jog, try to jog for 15min 3-5’x a week with intermittent fast 15sec runs every 5min or so.

Wherever you are start there!  Building an exercise regime will help fast track disease reversal and healing. Exercise forces inflammatory disease causing chemicals out of your body more quickly than sitting.

Tip: Of the three components to exercise: intensity, frequency and duration, intensity is the most important. This means it is better to do more intense short workouts totaling 15-20min 3x’s a week vs. hour-long workouts.

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