Eat Seasonally For Your Health

Eat Seasonally For Your Health

Did you know that in order to get the most nutrition out of your produce, you should eat seasonally? It might be nice to be able to find asparagus or strawberries in your grocery store all year round, but that is not natural and is only possible because of technology. Eating seasonally not only ensures that you are getting your produce at its most nutritious point, you are also protecting the environment if you purchase locally grown foods.

Shop Farmers Markets

Farmers Markets are popping up everywhere– even in small, rural areas and are very beneficial. Not only will you be sure that your food isn’t traveling a long distance before it makes its way to your plate, you will also be supporting the local community by shopping at farmer’s markets. Farmers Markets supply food that is in season and at peak freshness, and eating seasonally tastes better because the fruits and vegetables are naturally ripened. You can also use this opportunity to ask the farmers in your area for some tips to grow your own produce at home!

Freeze Extra Produce

When fruits and vegetables are in season, you can be sure to get a good price on them! Take zucchinis, for example. These plants really produce and in the late summer months, you can be sure to find great deals on zucchini. Use that opportunity to buy a bunch and prepare meals that freeze well like our Cumin Spiced Zucchini Pie. For this recipe, just freeze the pie and add the fresh toppings later! You will still be buying locally and when the product is in season.

Find New Recipes for Veggies in Season

You can easily look up what is grown in your area and look for “grown locally” signs at your grocery store.  Familiarize yourself with what is in season in your area by researching online or by going to a farmer’s market. In Oregon, spring brings strawberries, mushrooms, asparagus, onions, tarragon, and many other yummy items. Look for recipes that work with ingredients that naturally complement each other and are in season at the same time. If you usually roast your asparagus, instead look for a different way to eat it! Use this delicious Spring Asparagus Salad as an example of something that might be using an ingredient in a different way– and that also pairs several seasonal ingredients together to make one amazing dish.

Make sure you really experience the true “Wealth of Good Health” by getting the most out of your ingredients. Always choose to eat seasonally to better your health!

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