Heavy Metal Toxicity: Are You Poisoning Yourself?

Heavy Metal Toxicity: Are You Poisoning Yourself?

You might have heard of heavy metal poisoning or heavy metal toxicity, which is caused by exposure to toxic metals, but did you also know that simply chewing your food could be exposing you to toxic Mercury? If you have a silver filling or amalgam, every time you chew it could be releasing Mercury vapors into your system and pumping toxic metals into your body with every bite.

However, it’s not just silver fillings that expose us to poisonous heavy metals. We are constantly ingesting or breathing in heavy metals through our household products and the environment. Pesticides and fertilizers you consume or inhale, and even the water you drink, could be poisoning you.

Dr. Laura Deleruyelle, the newest Provider here at Complete Care Health Centers, has been practicing for over 18 years and is an expert in diagnosing heavy metal toxicity. She states that “Mercury is a harmful heavy metal that can damage the brain, kidneys and thyroid gland. Mercury can also cause headaches, brain fog and even hair loss.” Dr. Laura recommends getting tested for heavy metals to anyone who has silver fillings or is experiencing these particular symptoms. Dr. Laura says, “If the test results come back positive, it is important to start chelation therapy [a process that binds to harmful heavy metals and flushes them out] as soon as possible.”

After chelation therapy, we recommend attempting to limit your exposure by changing your diet. Including lots of organic, leafy green vegetables, vitamin c, and herbs and spices in your diet such as ginger and basil can really help keep your body free of heavy metals. Be sure also to always drink one quarter to half your body weight in ounces of filtered water in order to make sure you’re flushing your system.

Our purpose here at our office is to improve quality of life beyond any reasonable expectation. If you feel like you are experiencing any symptoms of heavy metal toxicity and are in the Medford area, please call our clinic now by calling 541 773 9772 to get tested and be on your way to a healthier life!

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