How Much Water Should You Really Be Drinking?

How Much Water Should You Really Be Drinking?

As the warmer months are approaching, it is even more important to stay hydrated. According to Harvard University, as the weather heats up, you are more likely to lose fluids through perspiration. Here at Dr. Gala’s office, we recommend drinking half to a quarter of your body weight in ounces each day. If you weigh 200 lbs., you could drink up to 100 oz. of water, which is a little less than 1 gallon daily.

Here are some reasons why you should be sure to stay hydrated:

-Drinking water is especially important when you are taking supplements because water helps carry nutrients to your cells.

-Staying hydrated is essential for your body to function. Water helps every system in your body function, including your brain, heart and muscles.

-Water will even help to prevent constipation. We should be having at least two bowel movements a day. If you notice that you are not regular, try drinking more water and taking a magnesium supplement (link).

-Maintaining hydration levels also helps flush bacteria from your bladder.

We encourage people to fill up a jug or bottles with the total they need to drink each day and place on either their kitchen counter or workstation. This allows for a visual indicator for keeping you on track. If this seems like too much water, don’t worry. Drink what you can, even if it is one glass. Water can also be obtained through food! If you are eating foods that are high in water, like celery, cucumbers, fruit and lettuce that will help with your hydration levels. We have a great recipe for cucumber boats with guacamole which are packed with protein, so they will keep you full and hydrated!

If you ever notice that you have headaches, weakness, dizziness or urine that is dark in color, try drinking more water gradually throughout the day because these could be signs of dehydration. Stay hydrated and make the rest of your years the best of your years!

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