Improve Your Ability to Deal with Conflict

Improve Your Ability to Deal with Conflict

stress free work zone office job or life by yoga and relaxationConflict and stress are a way of life and necessary for survival. Stress prompts us to remedy or leave an unhealthy environment. We now know that inflammation is not only governed by dietary sources, but also by our mental state and stress levels. When we are stressed, overworked, argumentative or taxed without a reasonably quick resolution, we create a chronic elevation of our subclinical inflammation. In addition to accelerating the disease and inflammatory process, specifically, stress can result in acne, psoriasis, warts, heart disease, I.B.S, cancer, headaches and cognitive decline to name a few.

The power of the mind in reducing or elevating inflammation is increasingly understood as paramount in the disease process. Look for sources of stress in your life and work diligently to remove as many as possible, in addition to implementing healthy stress resolution practices. Practices can include:

1. Breathing Techniques – Deep breathes have been shown to lower cortisol levels
2. Positive Attitude – Research shows people who work daily to cultivate a positive attitude by being grateful experience less stress
3. Exercising Regularly – Physical activity increases the production of endorphins; hormones in your body that reduce stress
4. Avoiding Caffeine – Caffeine triggers the release of the adrenaline hormone secreted by the body in times of stress
5. Sleep – Sleep deprivation raises stress hormone levels

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