Intermittent Fasting for Enhanced Weight Loss

Intermittent Fasting for Enhanced Weight Loss

The following was transcribed and edited for content clarity from a video broadcast. For the original video click here: “Here’s a key fat burning tip most people miss

Hey, this is Doctor Gala, founder of and Complete Care. And I’ve got a couple of fat burning tips for you.

I know when I’m working with my clients, one of the biggest things they talk about include: they either can’t lose weight – or they can’t lose the weight around their waist or specific areas. Or, working out is hard or they just feel sluggish.

So, one of the keys that I find is intermittent fasting. A lot of people are discussing this and it is getting a lot of buzz right now. There are a couple of different strategies that we talk about on this topic. Currently, I’m at San Francisco airport. I was invited to speak at a business meeting down in San Diego. I took an early flight, and I see all these people lining up for breakfast. And for me, I won’t be eating until about lunch time today. So that means I haven’t eaten since dinner last night.

Why this is important? Well a couple of things.

  1. When you intermittent fast, it makes your blood sugar normalize and reduces insulin. It burns up the glucose and/or the sugar currently in your blood stream. And it helps you start burning your fat stores. There’s a process called beta oxidation (which is how you lose weight). Your body can only get into beta oxidation, when you’re burning fat. Meaning, you have to be in the absence of sugar or a high insulin spike. So every time you eat, even the low glycemic foods, or things like proteins or vegetables depending on how they are prepared- can cause you to have an insulin spike. This can disrupt your fat burning.
  2. Your body wants to keep blood sugar between a very narrow range and every time it gets elevated or your blood sugar gets too high your body will force the sugar into the cells and store it as more fat.
  3. By intermittent fasting, you create this long delay of reduced blood sugar so that you start burning fat more rapidly and enter beta oxidation

There are some studies actually showing intermittent fasting reduces inflammation and helps reduce oxidative damage. And we know that caloric restriction can also improve markers related to aging including extending life and longevity. So one of the biggest things regarding burning fat- is even your brain, after about 2 weeks of a high fat diet can start burning fat as primary fuel. Which can add to stabilized mental capacity, clarity and less brain fog. And also, we know that burning fat – like I was saying – for intermittent fasting, stimulates your body to start up regulating different healthy hormones, chemicals etc – to accelerate the fat burning process.

I know at first it may seem a little bit tough. What I’d encourage you to do – is even just 1 day a week, after eating dinner try not eating anything until lunch the next day. Now if you’re working out in the morning or if you have a strenuous workout, it is good to have a little bit of protein after your workout. But the mornings that you’re not working out, or if you work out in the afternoon and you are just get going for the day- try intermittent fasting. And really focus on not eating until lunch.

Try it a couple of times. I bet you’ll be surprised after a while how you notice that you’ll start losing weight, and you’ll start feeling lighter and have more energy. You’ll typically have better mental clarity. In addition to not feeling as bogged down, intermittent fasting saves you a lot of time. And it saves you money.

Typically, breakfast foods, unfortunately, are very inflammatory. Especially when you’re looking at your bagels, your donuts, and even some of the eggs. If they are not Omega 3 eggs, that’s inflammatory. Hash browns, and most of the typical breakfast foods are very inflammatory.

So not only is it going to help you lose weight, it also can help you improve brain function, extend longevity, reduce oxidative stress, and ultimately reduce inflammation.

Mostly, intermittent fasting can help you accelerate fat loss in what’s called – again – beta oxidation. Which, helps you burn fat better.

Again, I’m Doctor Gala, and here’s to making the rest of your years, the best of years.

And, if you like this tip, certainly I’d love you to either like it, share it or comment below. Or if there are other tips that you want to hear about health in general, post them here. Including, Ill see about getting some studies or some research for you. As well as practical tips of how you can use it day to day in your life, to help you achieve your health goals.

Alright, here’s to making the rest of your years the best of your years. We’ll see you soon.

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