Out of this World or Not?

Out of this World or Not?

DNA damage is a real concern. In fact, we all have DNA damage but certain activities and diseases wreak more havoc on our genetic molecules. Our cells can only keep up for so long. But a discovery by an International team at UNSW School of Medical Sciences and Harvard Medical School has revealed how living longer may be a real possibility. A recently published article in Science magazine entitled: NAD+ Repletion Improves Mitochondrial and Stem Cell Function and Enhances Life Span in Mice offers more information.

NAD+ is an important regulator in every cell and a deeper understanding of it led to the creation of NMN by researchers. Think of NMN as a rocket booster accelerating your cells’ ability to repair DNA from the damage of ageing or radiation. Right now, we all need to follow an anti-inflammatory diet, keep moving, and establish good lifestyle habits to keep feeling young, but it could be amazing if we are like the mice in recent studies – not revealing our age! Professor Sinclair is quoted in an Internet article (DNA repair discovery could lead to drugs to reverse ageing, fight cancer and help space travel) “Old mice that were 20 months old which is (equivalent to) a 60 to 70-year-old human and we gave them NMN and we found that…many aspects of ageing were reversed.”

NMN could also mean young cancer survivors have longer life expectancy free of chronic diseases and astronauts experience “out of this world” recovery times. These and other scientific discoveries reinforce that we have a lot to look forward to if we do our part to maintain our health and well-being every day!

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