Secret to Airport Dining

Secret to Airport Dining

I travel often, and even though I plan ahead, I sometimes find my self needing to get something to eat at the airport.

Here are three top tips to help:

Calm down your eyes.
Many of us are ‘visual eaters’. We are led by what looks good, not what is good for us. Make a conscious effort to walk away from the ‘luscious yet lethal’ options.

Explore thoroughly.
Many airport food sellers have ‘gotten off the ground’ and realized that people’s eating habits have changed. Increasingly, sellers are offering not only healthy but tasty and interesting food options.

Be creative.
Not all airports get ‘flying colors’ for their food choices. No problem. It’s just time to think out of the box:

Here’s what I did. I ordered a burger and substituted the bun for a lettuce wrap.  For extra protein I asked if they would top it off with a poached egg. Instead of fries I substituted for salad.  Still hungry, I decided to add an additional salad and asked to add some grilled chicken. There were no healthy dressing options but they did have salsa.

Remember – restaurants are interested in satisfied customers. If you tell your food servers your needs, they will most likely try their best to work with you.

Keeping these ideas in mind will get you off to a ‘flying start’ during your next airport meal.

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