Mind-body connection

Creating a Healthier Mind and Healthier Body Connection

Creating a healthier mind and healthier body connection isn’t just a bunch of new-age jargon.  Believe it or not, what you think and how you feel has a direct impact on your physical health, and vice versa.  As a matter of fact, your thoughts even affect how your body handles infection and disease.  Researchers are […]

Chronic Stress

The Shocking Truth About Stress and Health

Studies show that chronic stress can affect nearly every organ in the body.  Over time, the cells become less responsive to the regulatory effects of hormones like cortisol.  As a result, inflammation can run amuck and cause a host of health problems from autoimmune conditions to heart disease.  Fortunately, there are several things you can […]

Effects of stress

Are the Effects of Stress Quietly Hurting Your Health?

The effects of stress don’t just weigh on the mind — they also damage the body.  In fact, studies show that stress is involved in 75-90 percent of human disease. (1)  How can stress affect your health in so many ways? As it turns out, it all comes down to hormones and inflammation. With that […]

Stress Signs and Symptoms

The Ultimate Guide to Effectively Managing Stress Signs and Symptoms

No matter what you do, stress signs and symptoms are impossible to avoid.  However, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Stress is how we grow stronger mentally, emotionally and physically.  With that said, some stress can actually increase the risk of disease.  That’s why it’s important to recognize harmful stress signs and symptoms early before […]

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