Importance of sleep

The Importance of Sleep Quality for a Healthy, Happy Life

It’s undeniable… sleep is a key part of a healthy, joyful life.  In fact, having good sleep hygiene is just as important as exercise and nutrition. However, the importance of sleep is often overlooked, misunderstood, or neglected altogether! That’s partly because modern life simply doesn’t make it easy on us.  Are you permanently plugged into […]

Importance of sleep

Sleep 101: The Importance of Sleep for Mental Health, Immunity, & More

The importance of sleep affects mental health, immunity, injury recovery, and almost every aspect of human life.  However, according to the National Sleep Foundation, roughly 45 percent of Americans don’t get enough sleep. (1) What gives? The truth is that modern life has the chips stacked against you.  If you’re like most people, you use […]

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