Assess Your Stress

It takes 21 days for a rat to become chronically stressed. How long does it take you? What if you have been operating in a state of chronic stress? Would you even notice after a while? According to, a resource for mental and emotional health, to assess yourself, you need to look at four […]

Count Blessings Not Sheep to Sleep Well

It is 3:00 am in the morning, your mind is racing with worry and busy thoughts and all you can do is stare at the clock. How do you get back to sleep? Maybe you never fell asleep in the first place. The Sleep Foundation recommends if you are wide awake for more than 20 […]

Sleep Well for a Better Brain

Did you know how well you sleep affects how well you think? You might be surprised to know the average person sleeps 121 days per year. Yet, many people would categorize themselves as poor sleepers because healthy slumber means more than just going to sleep.  A lack of restorative rest has surprising repercussions like lower […]

Hangry definition

Don’t Get Hangry – Eating Enough is Important

Being hungry, and also angry about it, sets you up for restrictive eating – an unnatural relationship with your body. This type of eating can cause a disconnect where you no longer heed your body’s signals about sustenance. And if you become out of touch with your internal warning system, constipation, tummy troubles, inconsistent sleep, […]

The Importance of Sleep And Tips to Help You Rest

By Melonie Jorgensen, Wellness Program Director for Dr. Thad Gala So often clients talk to me about the trouble they are having with getting a good night’s sleep. I want to share today what the current literature is saying about the importance of sleep. In addition I will offer you some tips and tricks to […]

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