Take Action For Success

Take Action For Success

There is a common reason, or excuse, that many of us are guilty of using from time to time.  We often say, “I’m just not ready”.  This leads us to the pattern of getting ready, to get ready before we start making changes or improvements.

Planning is imperative and crucial to maximize your health, business, or relationships, but it has to lead to action.  I encourage you to think about one simple step you can take right now to start moving forward in your goals.  For me, I recently made the commitment to run more.  My workouts had become intermittent and I needed some direction and accountability, so I hired a running coach.  With that accountability I have not missed a single workout in the past month and a half.  Even though I had competed in Iron Man races, half marathons, and other types of athletic events in my life, I still needed the benefit of having a running coach to guide my efforts in creating new habits at this stage in my life and business.

You may not need to hire a coach, but consider what is holding you back?  What are you giving the excuse of “I’ll do this when I get ready”?  Are you wanting to lose weight, but keep thinking you’ll start after the next family gathering, or BBQ?  Rather than wait for the perfect time to start, think about changes you can make in your next meal.  If you want to start exercising, think of the one thing you can do to start walking more.  For me, I started walking when I have meetings over the phone.

The point of these immediate, small changes is that they begin the journey to success.  People who succeed take action whether it’s big or small.  Taking action is what sets apart those who achieve from those you don’t.  Once you take the first step, you’ll develop capabilities as you go.

One of my coaches, Dan Sullivan, talks about the four C’s.

  1. Commitment
  2. Courage
  3. Capabilities
  4. Confidence

First you make a commitment to a goal.  Then find the courage to take the first step to develop the capabilities that build confidence.

Where do you need to find courage to take your first step towards a commitment you have made?  Whether it’s eating better, exercising more, having a difficult conversation with someone you love, or taking on new goals at work, figure out how to take that first step.  The process in achieving our goals is never perfect, but as we make changes, we will see progress.

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