The Cholesterol Myth

The Cholesterol Myth

The misconceptions about cholesterol still cause concern and disconnect within the medical community and general public.

For well over a decade the association between inflammation and heart disease has been well established. 

Not so with cholesterol.  Cholesterol got a bad rap when heart attacks began taking the spotlight and plaque was found in the arteries. Sadly, cholesterol plaques are evidence of long term inflamed arteries, not evidence of elevated blood cholesterol levels.

I typically recommend all of my patients check their levels of inflammation. While there are many tests for inflammation, a basic and simple test is hs-CRP. Not to be confused with CRP. 

hs-CRP stands for highly sensitive C-Reactive Protein and is an indirect marker of inflammation within blood, heart, brain and other organs.

The FDA has finally joined in the efforts by reversing its position on cholesterol in the last few years both on what it considers healthy levels. 

This is after research demonstrated nearly 50% of all heart attacks occur in people with normal cholesterol.

We find now that inflammation in your blood is recognized as the cause of cholesterol depositing in the arteries.

Do yourself a favor and get your inflammatory blood levels tested and start making healthy choices towards reducing inflammation as quickly and safely as possible. 

Of course, the TG form of EPA/DHA found in certain types of fish oil can be a powerful anti-inflammatory. Which, is why certain fish oils can be helpful for your heart. And, can help alleviate many other health issues including, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, chronic pain and low energy.

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