This May Offend You, But It’s True

This May Offend You, But It’s True

This may be offensive to some of you. There is a certain mindset that I come across regularly. People fit into one of two categories. They are either supportive or supported.

People who have success with their health goals are those who put themselves first and others number two. This may sound selfish, but by putting yourself number one you have more to give to others. If you are always number two, then you have far less to offer others in terms of support, relationship, or care.

My mom was very sick when I was only ten years old. She was on full disability, on bed rest, and unable to work or care for us. This was draining on our family, and ultimately made her more of a liability than an asset. Fast forward to today, she has learned to put herself first and maintain her health. This has allowed her to be our Wellness Program Director, run 5K races, and as a health coach she has helped hundreds of people overcome their health struggles.  She is living a life of freedom!

The people who are successful in regaining their health, or staying healthy, are those who put themselves as number one and everyone else as number two. If you don’t have your health, what do you have? If you aren’t a priority, how do you pursue your religion, take care of your family, be the spouse, partner, parent, or child you want to be? How can you be the best at your job or making the world a better place? If you don’t put yourself as number one to keep your health a priority, how can you do anything other than needing to be supported by everyone versus supporting those around you?

What are you doing today to make yourself a priority so that you can support the people around you?

Here’s to making the rest of your years the best of your years!

2 thoughts on “This May Offend You, But It’s True

  1. That was a great analogy for health care. Thanks, for I am doing so good and see the results all around me.
    ron snow

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