Understanding Your Health Frustrations

Understanding Your Health Frustrations

healthy-livinWhile most people are able to articulate their financial, business or other tangible goals, many are not able to clearly articulate personal goals including the setting of defined and measurable health outcomes. Simply put, to find your health goals identify first what frustrates you. When viewed in reverse this exercise provides the emotional framework for identifying your logical next steps in goal achievement.

Frustrations = Goals
As a quick exercise take 2-5 min right now to write down your frustrations. Then, reverse the concept to outline your goals. This is a great tool. You will quickly find this approach can be used in any aspect of life to promote improvement and satisfaction. Be sure to use the “Perpetual Whys” to identify and outline the true baseline and next step to lead you towards the biggest impact in goal achievement.

Frustration/Emotion                                                  Goal/Logic
I Don’t Like Being Fat                                                     Lose 25+lbs
I Am Tired Of Low Energy                                             Lower Inflammation
I Dislike Taking Drugs                                                    Find Drugless Physicians
I Don’t Like Chronic Pain                                               Lower Inflammation
My Skin Is Saggy                                                              Exercise 15min daily

Of course, nearly every goal should include the action step of lowering inflammation. Once your goals are established, quickly move to implementing meaningful action steps.

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