What Message Are You Sending Your Body?

What Message Are You Sending Your Body?

We know that the vast majority of ailments in the western world are chronic lifestyle induced diseases. We don’t suffer from infectious type diseases like Malaria, or Cholera. When you look at chronic diseases there is an inflammatory component.

We are all familiar with acute inflammation, like a sprained ankle that swells up. What I want to focus on is subclinical inflammation. It’s low-grade inflammation. Think of lava smoldering beneath the surface. Depending on what you do or don’t do every day of your life, you are telling that lava or inflammation to elevate and build pressure, or to calm down and back off. You have the power to tell your body to express disease or to express health.

If you make inflammatory choices throughout each day, the smoldering pressure will build up resulting in chemicals that turn on chronic disease. Chronic pain, heart disease, degeneration, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc… those genes start to get expressed when there is too much inflammation in the body.

There are hundreds of foods that cause inflammation, and there are hundreds of foods that reduce inflammation. If you switch the balance, you can have a massive impact on your health.

Our society today is very sedentary, which is also a huge aspect leading to inflammation. We sit more than we should. We don’t exercise as much as we should. We don’t get as much sunlight as we should. We have poor air quality and get too little sleep.

Let’s also look at all the things in a day that counteract inflammatory chemicals: Social interaction, laughing, being active, exercise, clean air, regular sunlight, and good nutrition. Each day is a balancing act to promote health.

The change I want to promote is that if someone has a health problem, they seek out a natural wellness provider first. That can be a chiropractor, a naturopath, or a functional medicine practitioner, to guide the implementation of natural solutions. Then, if the problem cannot be fixed with natural lifestyle choices, it may be time for more intervention. There is a side effect for every drug out there. Just like smoking; every time you take a drug, the chances for side effects goes up.

Medications did not help my mom get better. Nutritional and lifestyle choices did. After years of suffering from severe Fibromyalgia, she got her life back, and I got my mom back. Now I help others get their lives back without the use of medication.

Here’s to making the rest of your years the best of your years.

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  1. So glad I’ve made the switch to an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. It’s worth all the hard work and effort I put in everyday. I know my future will be more active and full because of this lifestyle change. I might experience set back on occasion, but overall I know I’m getting better every day.

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