Why Do I Ache?

Why Do I Ache?

Did you know that medical science did not really start investigating minor injuries until 1980 and what causes aches can still be a mystery? You don’t necessarily ache because you are growing older. In fact, many people mistakenly believe that age means infirmary or multiple painful conditions. Many activities and conditions can cause aches. But how do you know when an ache is just an ache and when it could be more serious? According to a Florida Family Physician, Dr. Stephanie Haridopolos, if an ache or pain is hanging around for more than six weeks, it is a sign that something is not right. She goes on to explain that aches and pains later at night could be more problematic than those occurring first thing in the morning. The Mayo Clinic reports that systemic aches are indicative of an infection or medication side effect. And if you tend to take over-the-counter pain medications, you may be robbing your own body of its opportunity to produce endorphins and other natural pain fighting compounds according to a massage therapist and science writer, Paul Ingraham.

Feeling tired and achy may be stress-related too. According to an article in Psychology Today, in 2013 research was conducted about stress, emotions and the body. By interviewing people, they found consistent results. People who are depressed report heavy limbs and all over achiness while those who are feeling fearful describe tight chests. Anger affects the head, neck, and shoulders. It only takes a few seconds for a negative emotion to be translated into tight jaw muscles. But when people feel love, there is an all over body calm with feel-good sensations centered around the heart.

To fight aches and pains:

-Get a massage

-Consume enough Vitamin D

-Reduce stress in your life

-Follow an anti-inflammatory lifestyle

-Embrace Yoga or stretching classes

-Avoid pain-relieving medication if possible

-Use ginger which is a natural pain reliever

-Try Contrast baths

-Rest and give your body a break

Keep those aches away by focusing on positive emotions and healthy habits.

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