You have tried everything; diets, supplements, exercise, medication, and far more, yet you are still in pain, exhausted, your medications keep increasing, and you feel like it is impossible to get enough sleep.

Do your questions continue to grow, yet finding answers is as elusive as ever?

A few of them are likely:

Why is it hard to keep weight off?

Weight Loss is hard to maintain, even if you do lose weight, before long it comes right back.

Why do I hurt so much?

The slightest touch feels like a crushing blow or the pain never seems to go away.

Where did my energy go?

Exercise, work, kids, and hobbies were easy, but just thinking about it is
exhausting now.

You do what everyone else says to do, but each day seems harder than the last.

  • You get more sleep than anyone else you know and are still tired all the time.
  • Your diet is good, even better than most of your friends, yet you still hurt everywhere and just feel terrible.
  • You try to exercise, but it hurts and only exhausts you more.
  • Your doctor keeps prescribing more and more medications.

Are you ready to take your life back and live it to the fullest?

I know what you have been through. I have seen it time and time again. Men and Women who could do it all and then some, and POOF, one day wake up and the tank is empty. I have heard the story of sleep troubles, pain, increased medications, and little to no energy countless times and realize answers are hard to come by for someone in your shoes.

My mom had the same experience when she was going through her Fibromyalgia. Doctor after doctor kept prescribing medications and saying there’s nothing we can do.


In my 40s I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and told I’d be in a wheelchair. After going to numerous doctors, I still wasn’t any better, not until my son became my advocate and helped create a program for me, did I experience a full remission of my fibromyalgia. I now have zero fibromyalga side effects.

~Melonie Jorgensen

From my thousands of clients, including my own mom, I have learned a path does, indeed, exist. The challenge is that the path isn’t the same for everyone, a path is determined based on your unique story.

You have brought me compassion, took me into your program when I was at the end of my dream, end of my life, and because of that I am experiencing something so much bigger than this program.  It has been life changing for 30 people around me, those I can provide a home to right now.  The seminar, the caring, the reading, these calls, telling me I counted, means so much. Someone who didn’t even know me cared.

Gail S.

I was told I would never get off insulin; I was told I would always be diabetic; I was told don’t eat this and don’t eat that and discouragement was riding high in my life.

Four months later I am down 21 lbs. and my A1-C is down from nearly 10 to 6.5.  Why, because Dr. Gala told me what I could do … not what I couldn’t do and that made all the difference in the world.  I am not sure what I am supposed to feel like at the age of 69, but my energy level, my attitude, my life feels like I did when I was a lot of years younger than the number of birthdays I have celebrated! Thank you Dr. Gala and your support staff … feeling blessed!!!

Marge B.

I have been so pleased with all the help and support that you and others gave me.  I feel much more energetic and my neuropathy is much better.  Dr. Gala and his team are very knowledgeable and helpful.  Whenever I contacted someone my question was answered or someone got back to me quickly with the information I requested.

Larry V

Have you quit activities that used to be a huge part of your life or brought you great joy?


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Are you sick of medications that don’t work?

Chronic health problems are rarely from acute causes. If your problem was from an acute medical emergency, the medications that you have tried would have helped by now. The challenge is that many don’t understand the network of health functions necessary to really feel well. When one thing isn’t working right, you aren’t necessarily sick, but you certainly don’t feel well.

When you don’t get to the root of the situation, I can assure you, the ability to really feel like yourself will only slip further away as time passes.

Are you sick and tired of missing out on life?

Are constant doctor appointments and lack of energy holding you back from living your life?
Have you been missing:
  • Playing with your kids or grandkids
  • Socializing with friends
  • Being held by those you love without experiencing pain
  • Being fully present at work, or even returning to the job you loved
  • Having the energy to enjoy an entire day
  • Looking forward to a vacation or traveling to see loved ones
Now is the time to take control and the start the journey towards feeling great and living life on your terms. We want to help you on your path towards a happy, healthy, vibrant life!

Having no energy all the time isn’t fixed by more sleep. You know because you’ve tried.

You could sleep 12 hours a night and still be tired with no energy when you wake up, right? We want to let you know that a lack of sleep has nothing to do with why you have no energy all the time.

When sleep is no longer rejuvenating or easy to come by, your body is screaming at you for help! If you don’t get to the bottom of the root cause, health will only slide further downhill.


After years of being in pain and having no energy, I am living life and loving it.  I’m very grateful for meeting Dr. Gala. I now have enthusiasm for life!”

Deidra G.


“Within the first week I could see my memory was clearer… the brain fog had lifted… If you are considering Dr. Gala’s program, just do it! He saved my life!”.

Anne D.


I am down 60lbs and I am off my insulin. My wife who is an RN is ecstatic. I can’t say enough about Dr. Gala. He’s given me my life back!

Ken A.

You are NOT to BLAME!

Today’s health care is directed towards acute problems and medical emergencies. This results in a system which is poorly suited to addressing chronic health problems in an effective holistic manner. Many people I work with have had more tests, scans, and evaluations than they can count, yet are told little is wrong, or the doctor can’t help. I have lost track of how many clients come to me with this and similar experiences.

Recent research on health has turned conventional wisdom on its head and at times shown that it was outright wrong. Through my years of experience and thousand of clients, I have learned how to guide those who had all but lost hope in a triumphant return to health. I want to help you return to your life as the vibrant person who has been locked inside for far too long!

Going through the wringer and being spit out the other side is not the END!

You have found the right place. Many clients we have helped had all given up hope of finding someone who could really make a lasting change in their health. Our innovative and strategic approaches work to systematically identify your needs and customize a plan to meet your needs and goals.

Stop living in fear of pain and live your life to the fullest. Your new life is just a conversation away!

A strategic approach can easily be missed with the overabundance of information at your fingertips.

Our years of experience helps us to organize the massive amounts of information and determine what is important to you.

We understand that the same symptom in different people can be caused by completely separate problems. We don’t have protocols which everyone needs to fit into, we tailor a program which fits your specific needs.


You need a conductor, not another drummer!

The way many approach the complex challenges presented by pain and fatigue is by addressing individual aspects of the problem.
  • You’re not sleeping well – here try some melatonin.
  • You’re constantly tired– try this energizing herb.
  • You have a lot of pain – try chiropractic or physical therapy.
The problem with these approaches is you are just adding more “musicians” to the “orchestra pit” to try to make one section louder. What you really need is a conductor, or someone who knows how to direct the complex interactions between the many players in your body to create the resulting beautiful symphony.

Effective solutions need a strategic approach

Chronic, complex health challenges need a well thought out approach to yield the results you deserve. While self-treatment can work for less complex problems, having an expert on your team is an asset you can’t underestimate.

Science backed recommendations

We take pride that the best scientific evidence guides our recommendations, resulting in innovative solutions with lasting impact.

Goal oriented

We want to meet your goals, not ours. While most of our goals will be one in the same, we understand that this is about what you want. We work together to develop your targets and act as your support crew to ensure your success.

Custom care, not canned protocols

Health is not one-size-fits all! Our understanding of physiological complexity helps us to honor your specific needs, not the needs of the last person we helped.

Many claim expert status, but few can claim thousands of happy clients, and have results to prove it.

I could not be any more grateful, or any happier. I just finished up my program, I am off all medication; do not even take an aspirin, ibuprofen, or any type of antacid tablet which used to be part of my regular day. I have lost 74 lbs. and have 5 more to hit my goal of 195 lbs., and I will get there!!

Friends and family members say they don’t recognize me and my family physician is very happy.

I want to thank Dr. Gala for giving me my life back. His program, life coaches and the weekly call in sessions are without a doubt life changing!!!

Fred S.

I am amazed every week by your coach’s incredible knowledge in all topics from plant nutrition to supplements, to healing my stomach lining, and the best ways for me to gently detox away years of toxins.

Tami S.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 20 years ago and IBS which caused a few surgeries about 10 years ago. My IBS is gone! My pain was at an 8 or 9, and I was pretty much bed ridden. Now I don’t really have pain.

This was the answer for me. I haven’t felt this good in years.

Jeanie C.

If you are sitting on 2 tacks and remove only 1, you still won’t feel great!

This is a very common challenge as a single symptom can be driven by multiple root causes. In the past you may have pursued a treatment that worked, but you didn’t address all of the root causes, which left you still not feeling well, thinking another option didn’t work. The secret is in having the experience to identify multiple contributing factors to a problem.

Once all the factors are identified and removed the next issue is fixing the damage that was done. True holistic care makes it essential to fix the damage left after the “tacks” have been removed, not before. Would you try to rebuild a home while it is still on fire?

You need an expert who can organize your care to identify the root cause, correct it, and fix the damage that has been done. When this is done right, the results are quite amazing. You may be doing the exact right things but in the wrong order or missing a small step, ultimately resulting in no improvement at all!

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You don’t have to “suck it up” anymore!

We have worked with thousands of people just like you to return them to a life full of vitality.
Are you ready to:
  • Be excited to have a night out with family and friends?
  • Look forward to feeling better from exercise?
  • Sleep like a baby and feel rested when you wake up?
  • Say yes every time your kids or grandkids want to play?
How do we help?
  • When you know how to take care of yourself, you can prevent this from happening again.
Foundations in food
  • You eat every day and each bite pushes your body towards health or sickness. Without the right eating practices, no amount of
    medication, supplementation, exercise or medication will get you back on track.
  • We understand that just getting out of bed can be a chore, so we provide you with easy baby steps to follow and support each step along the way.
  • After years of not feeling well, your body needs a nutrient boost, beyond that found in food alone, to support your return to a vibrant energetic life.
  • Our experience helps to make the best recommendations in doses which are appropriate to your specific needs.
  • Finding the proper motivation is key to pressing on during times of challenge, which unfortunately do occur. We work to understand the factors most important to you, so we can provide a consistent reminder of why you are working hard on your return to health.
  • We have a team dedicated to supporting you every step of the way on your journey.
Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging!
The proper resources are critical to successfully achieving your health goals. Working with us gets you far more than just my time. If you choose to work with me, you will receive help far more than you realize.


So, what are you waiting for!?!
We want to help you take back your life!

The longer you wait the longer it will take to achieve your goals.

Set up a time to speak with us and get on a path to getting your life back. We will get a plan of action set for you and start turning your life around DAY 1!

It’s time for you to get the answers you have been so desperately seeking. You deserve the experience and wisdom my team and I can provide. The only thing you may be sorry about is that you didn’t find us sooner.


If you are still reading you probably have a couple of questions. Here are the answers.

How do I start?

It’s easy Just click below and you are on your way!

How long is the consultation call?

Each call is approximately 45 minutes in length.

How much will it cost?

The cost of the program depends on where you are at and where you want to be. It’s like getting a back injury and asking the doctor how long it will take to be normal again.

Virtual or face to face?

All calls are virtual either over the phone or through skype.

What is the $97 application fee for?

The application fee for our program covers the time we put into reviewing your health intake, PLUS it covers your 45 minutes with us reviewing your health history and working to get you into the right program. In addition, it will covers your first session where we go over your materials, supplements and set your first coaching appointment.

Testimonials about how Dr. Gala changed people’s lives