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Back to Basics

How many times have you heard that you need a “strong foundation” to build a house or a relationship or your best posture? You likely hear it ad nauseum because it is true in many cases. It also applies to the anti-inflammatory lifestyle. The cornerstone of combating inflammation is nutrition and the anti-inflammatory food pyramid […]

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Why Do I Ache?

Did you know that medical science did not really start investigating minor injuries until 1980 and what causes aches can still be a mystery? You don’t necessarily ache because you are growing older. In fact, many people mistakenly believe that age means infirmary or multiple painful conditions. Many activities and conditions can cause aches. But […]


Get Outside and Change from the Inside Out

Children who spend too much time inside have nearsightedness and the one consistent factor for prevention is how much time they are outdoors. If being outside prevents myopia, imagine, what else it can do for you? Have you ever had “cabin fever?” The feeling that if you do not get out of the four walls […]

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What does Being “Old” Mean to You?

Living longer does not always mean additional years of declining. In fact, those that live to 100 do not have more health conditions, but fewer.  According to the Director of the Institute for Aging Research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Nir Barzilai, centenarians are like a bottle of fine wine – better with […]


Your Coach Says: You Can Do It!

Lose weight faster and gain confidence, that is. Ask a runner how they got ready to complete their first marathon and likely they had a coach. Ask a professional tennis player how they got that killer serve and you might get the same answer. Coaches motivate, inspire, and empower others to reach their full potential.  […]


Sleep Well for a Better Brain

Did you know how well you sleep affects how well you think? You might be surprised to know the average person sleeps 121 days per year. Yet, many people would categorize themselves as poor sleepers because healthy slumber means more than just going to sleep.  A lack of restorative rest has surprising repercussions like lower […]

Let’s Reinvent Breakfast!

“Morgenmete,” or the morning meal that most individuals call “breakfast,” originated in the 15th century.  In the Middle Ages, Europeans didn’t eat it. Each culture and country has its own version of the first meal of the day. Early settlers in America ate “ashcakes” – cornmeal wrapped in cabbage leaves and heated in the fire. […]


Help, I Am Addicted to Kale!

Lets talk seriously about food addictions for a minute. Do they exist? The latest research presented at the Seattle Summit on Obesity and Food Addiction says they do. There is even a scale to measure it called the Yale Food Addiction Scale. Certain foods – not kale – are more addictive than others. According to […]

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If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get into Your Kitchen!

It’s getting hot in America and it is directly related to inflammatory conditions like diabetes, arthritis, and leaky gut syndrome! Mercola states that allergies, Alzheimer’s, anemia, congestive heart failure, stroke, multiple sclerosis, gall bladder disease and more are affected by inflammation. This ongoing slow burn can be aggravated by how we eat. According to the […]

Toxic World

We Live in a Toxic World

If you are following an anti-inflammatory lifestyle and being active, but you are still in pain or below full-throttle energy, what might be going on? Healing happens for individuals in unique time-frames, but there are other factors besides diet and exercise that might slow you down. The first step is to look at each area […]