Help, I Am Addicted to Kale!

Lets talk seriously about food addictions for a minute. Do they exist? The latest research presented at the Seattle Summit on Obesity and Food Addiction says they do. There is even a scale to measure it called the Yale Food Addiction Scale. Certain foods – not kale – are more addictive than others. According to […]

food prep

If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get into Your Kitchen!

It’s getting hot in America and it is directly related to inflammatory conditions like diabetes, arthritis, and leaky gut syndrome! Mercola states that allergies, Alzheimer’s, anemia, congestive heart failure, stroke, multiple sclerosis, gall bladder disease and more are affected by inflammation. This ongoing slow burn can be aggravated by how we eat. According to the […]

Toxic World

We Live in a Toxic World

If you are following an anti-inflammatory lifestyle and being active, but you are still in pain or below full-throttle energy, what might be going on? Healing happens for individuals in unique time-frames, but there are other factors besides diet and exercise that might slow you down. The first step is to look at each area […]

Stop Brain Drain

Brain Drain in a Can

You may think that sipping a sugary soda keeps you zipping along, but it could be zapping your brain. What if you are draining your brain by doing so? According to an article in the Alzheimer’s Association Journal entitled, Sugary Intake and Pre-clinical Alzheimer’s Disease in the Community, consuming sodas and even fruit juices reduces […]

Hangry definition

Don’t Get Hangry – Eating Enough is Important

Being hungry, and also angry about it, sets you up for restrictive eating – an unnatural relationship with your body. This type of eating can cause a disconnect where you no longer heed your body’s signals about sustenance. And if you become out of touch with your internal warning system, constipation, tummy troubles, inconsistent sleep, […]

No trans fats

The Big Apple Won’t Eat Trans Fats, Why Should You?

California was the first state to ban trans fats and New York city was the largest city to do so in 2007. But, we all need to make the effort to eliminate these harmful fats which have become a staple of the American diet since the 1940s. Why? They contribute to sub-clinical inflammation in our […]

to be or not to be

To Be or Not to Be Happy – That Is the Question

Happiness may be the goal; but a positive outlook is how you get there. Being positive isn’t pretending everything is OK, but having a genuine upbeat attitude. So, how do you maintain a positive outlook? According to research from Psychologist, Michael F. Scheier, and his colleague, Charles S. Carver, who published a study in Health […]


Out of this World or Not?

DNA damage is a real concern. In fact, we all have DNA damage but certain activities and diseases wreak more havoc on our genetic molecules. Our cells can only keep up for so long. But a discovery by an International team at UNSW School of Medical Sciences and Harvard Medical School has revealed how living […]


The Cholesterol Myth

The misconceptions about cholesterol still cause concern and disconnect within the medical community and general public. For well over a decade the association between inflammation and heart disease has been well established.  Not so with cholesterol.  Cholesterol got a bad rap when heart attacks began taking the spotlight and plaque was found in the arteries. […]

Paleo Donuts

BEWARE of Paleo Snacks.

Just recently I saw someone post a about an “anti-Inflammatory” turmeric donut labeled Paleo. The problem with “Paleo” is it has strayed so far from the original research and teachings of Dr. Loren Cordain, the founder of the Paleo Movement. It has become a gimmick word used to sell supposedly “healthy” foods. For example, the […]