The Cholesterol Myth

The misconceptions about cholesterol still cause concern and disconnect within the medical community and general public. For well over a decade the association between inflammation and heart disease has been well established.  Not so with cholesterol.  Cholesterol got a bad rap when heart attacks began taking the spotlight and plaque was found in the arteries. […]

Paleo Donuts

BEWARE of Paleo Snacks.

Just recently I saw someone post a about an “anti-Inflammatory” turmeric donut labeled Paleo. The problem with “Paleo” is it has strayed so far from the original research and teachings of Dr. Loren Cordain, the founder of the Paleo Movement. It has become a gimmick word used to sell supposedly “healthy” foods. For example, the […]

2016 in Reveiw

2016 was just like any other year- nothing really changed. Or did it

Same headlines, just different people. There were elections, wars, new babies born, promotions, bankruptcies, etc. Bottom line: The only thing you can change or influence with any real certainty is yourself. Maybe you want to lose weight, get off medications, boost your energy or overall optimize your health. Maybe, you have been wanting to do […]


What Message Are You Sending Your Body?

We know that the vast majority of ailments in the western world are chronic lifestyle induced diseases. We don’t suffer from infectious type diseases like Malaria, or Cholera. When you look at chronic diseases there is an inflammatory component. We are all familiar with acute inflammation, like a sprained ankle that swells up. What I […]

Diary is a poor source of calcium and vitamin D.

Still Eating Dairy Products? Why You Should Stop.

Written by Melonie Jorgenson, Lead Health Coach and Wellness Program Director As Dr. Gala states in his book The Secret to Defy Disease and Decay, nearly every day more research sheds light on the harmful health consequences of dairy consumption in any form. We now know that dairy has harmful insulin effects, is a poor […]

A supportive environment will help you achieve your goals.

Is Your Environment Helping You Succeed?

Question for you – Are you at your goal weight? Do you have all the energy you want? Are you off all your medications? Do you see yourself healthier now than you did 10 years ago? I was recently reading a great book by Marshall Goldsmith titled Triggers. In this book he talks about the […]

Choosing healthy lean proteins leads to a healthy life.

Why You Should Question Your Source of Protein.

By Melonie Jorgensen, Health Coach and Wellness Program Director Protein is an important part of your diet because it raises your metabolism, reduces cravings, and leaves you feeling satisfied while helping you to achieve optimum weight and blood sugar levels.  The health food sections that are now in most grocery stores offer some healthy selections. […]

No shortage of good ideas, but we all need help prioritizing.

Success – What Are You Doing To Move The Needle?

I often get asked how to make progress towards success. A tactic I use with all of our patients and clients is to find a way to integrate healthy habits. The two healthy habits I combine are working out while listening to podcasts that are associated with where I want to grow. I listen to […]

Take care of yourself.

This May Offend You, But It’s True

This may be offensive to some of you. There is a certain mindset that I come across regularly. People fit into one of two categories. They are either supportive or supported. People who have success with their health goals are those who put themselves first and others number two. This may sound selfish, but by […]

The Importance Of Sleep.

The Importance of Sleep And Tips to Help You Rest

By Melonie Jorgensen, Wellness Program Director for Dr. Thad Gala So often clients talk to me about the trouble they are having with getting a good night’s sleep. I want to share today what the current literature is saying about the importance of sleep. In addition I will offer you some tips and tricks to […]