Importance of sleep

Sleep 101: The Importance of Sleep for Mental Health, Immunity, & More

The importance of sleep affects mental health, immunity, injury recovery, and almost every aspect of human life.  However, according to the National Sleep Foundation, roughly 45 percent of Americans don’t get enough sleep. (1) What gives? The truth is that modern life has the chips stacked against you.  If you’re like most people, you use […]

Why losing weight is harder for women

Why Is Losing Weight Harder For Women Than It Is For Men?

Have you been working out recently with your male partner? Or maybe you’ve started a new diet together? But hold on a sec… Why is he losing more weight when you’re both trying just as hard? Unfortunately, there are a few biological reasons why women have a harder time shedding pounds.  It’s simply the way […]

Weight gain in middle aged women

Weight Gain In Middle-Aged Women: How to Take Control

When you were young, you could cheat and get away with it, but now that you’re pushing 50, it’s not so easy.  You gain weight with ease, and once you do it’s hard to lose it.  But is menopausal weight gain inevitable or is there something you can do? Just because your body doesn’t feel […]

Risk of metabolic syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome In Women

Metabolic syndrome is a warning sign, and it’s one that you should pay close attention to if you’re a woman. Treating metabolic syndrome in women has special challenges and dangerous risk factors.  This article explains what to look for and how to get your health back on track.  Let’s take a closer look… What Is […]

Heart disease in women

Worse than Breast Cancer? The Truth About Heart Disease In Women

Heart disease is often thought of as a men’s disease, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  It’s actually the leading cause of death for women in the US, and the worst part is that it’s preventable up to 80 percent of the time. Why are women so vulnerable to heart issues?  In this […]

Thyroid health issues

Signs You May Have Thyroid Health Issues and Treatment Options

When your thyroid hormones are out of balance, you just don’t feel like you.  So what happens when your thyroid goes haywire and what can you do to fix it? Keep reading to learn more about thyroid health issues, including how to treat them naturally… What Is the Thyroid? The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped […]

Hypothyroidism and weight gain

Hypothyroidism and Weight Gain: How Are They Related?

4.6% of the population in the United States suffers from hypothyroidism. (1) Though most cases are mild and treatable, it can seriously affect your waistline. Let’s dive into how that relationship works and how you can manage your weight. You won’t have to buy a bigger pair of jeans if you follow the right habits! […]

Excess weight and chronic disease

Excess Weight and Chronic Disease Could Be Silently Killing You

There’s no question about it, excess weight and chronic disease are a toxic duo.  In this article, we take a closer look at how excess weight and chronic diseases can drag you down.  44.8% of middle-aged American adults suffer from obesity. (1) To make matters worse, an estimated $190 billion is spent each year to […]

lose weight

How to Lose Weight Without Exercising: Focus on Food

What comes to mind when you think about losing weight? Probably sweating it out on a treadmill or doing some crazy aerobics class, right? In reality, your diet plays a much greater role in weight loss than physical activity. That’s right, you can lose a ton of weight by NOT exercising. In one 12-week study, […]

Simplify the holidays

How to Simplify the Holidays & Reduce Stress: It Can Be Done!

There’s no denying that the holidays can be hectic.  From gift wrapping to family gatherings, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, but don’t worry…  This article explores how to simplify the holidays, reduce stress, and spend time doing what matters most.  Simplify the Holidays and Stress Holidays are a time for celebration, traditions, and bringing people […]

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