A Taste for Change

-A child must taste something a minimum of nine times before they will “like” it. -People will not eat as much food if it is served on a red plate. -Temperature, texture, and odor affect how a food tastes to each person. – Approximately 15% of adults have a taste disorder. -Along with sweet and […]

What Happens to an Inflamed Brain?

Your brain can become inflamed, like your body can. But not quite in the same way.  The brain has something called the “blood brain barrier” to limit toxins and substances from entering.  It does an amazing job of only allowing important nutrients to get in, but after injury and damage even this relatively reliable barrier […]

Stress Out or Go Within?

When life gets chaotic or like a turbulent roller coaster ride of change, what is your first reaction? Do you look for ways to stabilize your life, have racing thoughts, or do you breathe and turn inward to focus? Stress itself is not dangerous, but our belief about what it can do to us, can […]

Sorting Out Supplements

In 2012, half of all Americans took at least one supplement according to Harvard Health Publications – 114 million individuals back then. It is likely a lot more today. Herbs, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes are all “supplements” according to the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). And they come in many forms – drops, tablets, […]

Exercise Do’s and Don’ts

Do exercise, but don’t overdo it! Moving and getting enough exercise is an important part of an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, but there are some definite do’s and don’ts when it comes to physical activity, especially for individuals with specific conditions. In general, when you are feeling under the weather, do analyze your symptoms first and don’t […]

To Chill or Become Ill?

According to the HeartMD Institute, “Stress is a weapon of mass destruction. You have to prevent it from destroying you.”  With 18% of adults in America experiencing excessive worry, the potential for destruction is real. If you want to live a long healthy life, managing stress is a must. But worrying about worrying can cause […]

Snack Attack

If a food is bite-size, you will eat more of it, according to Psychology Today. Eating bits of something is a tease for our bodies and brain. It stimulates the dopamine system, but does not satisfy it completely. So, the thought that you will have just a few is a “come on.” We are wired […]

Count Blessings Not Sheep to Sleep Well

It is 3:00 am in the morning, your mind is racing with worry and busy thoughts and all you can do is stare at the clock. How do you get back to sleep? Maybe you never fell asleep in the first place. The Sleep Foundation recommends if you are wide awake for more than 20 […]

Back to Basics

How many times have you heard that you need a “strong foundation” to build a house or a relationship or your best posture? You likely hear it ad nauseum because it is true in many cases. It also applies to the anti-inflammatory lifestyle. The cornerstone of combating inflammation is nutrition and the anti-inflammatory food pyramid […]

Why Do I Ache?

Did you know that medical science did not really start investigating minor injuries until 1980 and what causes aches can still be a mystery? You don’t necessarily ache because you are growing older. In fact, many people mistakenly believe that age means infirmary or multiple painful conditions. Many activities and conditions can cause aches. But […]

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