About Dr. Gala

Dr. Thaddeus Gala is a chiropractor who was raised in rural Trail, Oregon where he witnessed the complete transformation of his mother’s health decline and ultimate recovery from a painful and severe case of fibromyalgia. Ever since watching his mother’s health transform from a bed-ridden illness to the vibrant health coach she is today, he has been inspired and dedicated to pursuing and promoting health as his professional life’s work in natural medicine.

Dr. Thaddeus Gala is the Founder, and Medical Director of Complete Care Health Centers in Southern Oregon and Drthadgala.com.  Dr. Gala performs educational health lectures on nutrition, weight loss and diabetic management within the clinic and at various locations across the country. He has nationally published research and has been the keynote speaker at schools and teaching facilities including audiences of over 1,000 attendees. He is the author of several pulications including “The Secret to Defy Disease and Decay” and “The Cookbook to Defy Disease and Decay.  He has collaborated with many of the top researchers in the nutrition field and continues in striving for providing the most up do date nutritional advances for the lay and scientific communities.