Every Breath You Take…

How you breathe affects how you feel. Quick, sudden, shallow breaths can bring on anxiety and panic while long, deep, slow breaths can engender feelings of relaxation. Over time, breathing patterns can also influence posture and how you carry yourself. Shallow breathing encourages limited rib cage movement and tight neck muscles. Consistent mouth breathing can […]

Assess Your Stress

It takes 21 days for a rat to become chronically stressed. How long does it take you? What if you have been operating in a state of chronic stress? Would you even notice after a while? According to Helpguide.org, a resource for mental and emotional health, to assess yourself, you need to look at four […]

Are You in a Time Famine?

We may think that a new car or more money in our savings account is what lights up our world, but is that true? A study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America explains that a “time famine” may be wreaking havoc on our happiness quotient. As […]

To Be or Not to Be Happy – That Is the Question

Happiness may be the goal; but a positive outlook is how you get there. Being positive isn’t pretending everything is OK, but having a genuine upbeat attitude. So, how do you maintain a positive outlook? According to research from Psychologist, Michael F. Scheier, and his colleague, Charles S. Carver, who published a study in Health […]

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