Exercising in Winter

Exercising in Winter

In January, it can be difficult to be active since a lot of our favorite activities such as hiking, gardening and bicycle riding can be prevented by the cold, dark days of winter. However, there’s a multitude of ways to get an adequate amount of exercise even when it is cold outside. Exercise is essential and can help fast-track disease reversal and healing, forcing inflammatory disease causing chemicals out of your body. If you can go outside, we do recommend to take a walk between 11 AM and 1 PM, usually the warmest hours of the day.  Alternatively, if the weather prevents you from going outdoors, try these indoor activities to stay healthy:

-You can always do small bouts of cardio in the comfort of your own house. High intensity with short duration is better than low intensity with long duration. Try this five minute sequence broken into 60 second intervals (do three throughout the day):

  • Jump rope -It is not necessary to have a jump rope. If you don’t have one, just pretend, moving your body as if you are jumping rope. (1 minute)

  • Run in place (1 minute)

  • Jumping jacks (1 minute)

  • Ski jumps -Jump quickly from side to side. Make each jump hip length apart. (1 minute)

  • Butt kicks -This is like running in place, but instead try to bring your heel close to your body when it comes up (1 minute)

-Another great way to get your exercise in during the winter is to dance. Not only is it a great way to burn calories, but Angieszka Burzynska, a professor of neuroscience at Colorado State University. recently found a link between dancing and “improved ‘white matter’ integrity in the brains of older adults.” A decrease in white matter can lead to slower mental processing and memory problems. So if you can, turn on the music while you’re at home and dance! Not only will you burn calories, but you might also be improving memory and brain function!

Whatever you do, do not let the cold keep you from your health goals! Try to stay active using these tips and, remember, make the rest of your years the best of your years!

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